Smog-Hog Service

Bee Clean Specialties has been servicing industrial electrostatic air cleaners, including Smog-Hog® since 1977. Trust our years of experience and familiarity with these products when it comes time to clean or service them. We serve Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, including the Greater Chicago Area and Rockford.

Smog-Hog®, a brand of United Air Specialists, Inc in Cincinnati Ohio, has multiple models.

We offer exchange programs for:

– SH-10
– SH-20
– SH-40
– SH-50
– SH-6
– SHN-10
– SHN-40

– SHN-50
– SG-2
– SG-4
– MC

We are experts in cleaning and repairing the Smog-Hogs®. Additionally, we stock many spare parts for them, including:

– Power supplies
– Indicator lights
– Blower assemblies
– High voltage wire
– Insulator standoffs

If you own a Smog-Hog®, trust Bee Clean Specialties to maintain and clean it – we are the best in the business. Call us today at (888) 451-0844!