MistBusters® are quite popular in recent years because they are small and machine-mountable making rearranging your machines easier.

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Smog-Hog® is well known in the industry for their well-built design. They come in sizes from 300 to 40,000 cfm, machine mounted to central systems.

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Trion® offers electrostatic precipitators that filter oil mist and smoke out of the air, providing cleaner air with no filters to throw away.

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Media Filter

Need any type of media filters including bag, box, HEPA, pleated, poly pad, ring, and specialty filters, we can supply and replace them.

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Long Distance

We service the Greater Chicago, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin areas, however, we provide support for repairs, cleaning and equipment checks across the United States.

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Service Request

Most service calls get responded to within one business day. We would love to help solve a problem you have with your industrial air cleaners, contact us today.

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If your parts are in good working condition, we can use our extra collection cells, ionizers, and pre-filters, again finishing the job in short order with very little downtime. We provide this service for over ten brands and 20 models of electrostatic air cleaners.

If you have extra collection cells, our service technicians will simply swap out your old dirty cells, ionizers, and pre-filters for the clean ones, creating very little downtime.

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If exchange is not available because of brand differences, or if your parts are incompatible or unavailable, we can pick-up and return your dirty components. All dirty collection cells, ionizers, and pre-filters are taken back to our facility. We clean them, look them over, repair as needed, and return them to you on the next business day. This process saves you the cost of buying your own exchange sets, and is great for many customers.

Whether we clean your parts by exchange or pickup and return, we check the air cleaner upon installing the clean filters to make sure the high voltage system (including the power supply and high voltage lead wires), the blower system (including blower, motor and drive belt) and the drain are all functioning correctly.