My maintenance staff is knowledgeable; why should I use an outside service?

    Electrostatic air cleaners use high voltage and DC current, a lot of knowledgeable maintenance people are not familiar with working with that.
    • You’re better off having your maintenance staff focus on your production equipment to prevent you downtime.
    We work on these every day so can troubleshoot them faster than someone that works on them once in a while.

What does it cost to service my electrostatic air cleaners?

    The cost varies depending on the size of the air cleaner and how close you are to our facility. It is often cheaper than what you would pay in electricity to run a media filter unit because media air filters have to use higher horsepower motors to move the same amount of air.

Are electrostatics hard to maintain and troubleshoot?

    Although electrostatic air cleaners are relatively basic in concept, there is a lot of little things that can make them not work. Someone familiar with them can pick up the problem quickly.

How do I know when my electrostatics air cleaners are dirty?

    • There are four areas to check to see if your filters are dirty and need cleaning.
    1. Collection Cell: Pull out the collection cell, they start to get dirty on the leading edge, towards the intake side. As they get dirty, they collect farther and farther back on the cell plates. You want to clean them before it is dirty all the way back preferably catch it at about three-quarters of the way back
    2. Ionizer wires: If the wires have build-up on them, it can insulate the charge so that the smoke or oil mist does not get charged. If the smoke and oil mist does not get a charge, it will not get collected in the collection cell.
    3. After Filter: This is a one-inch aluminum mesh filter that most brands have after the collection cells. If the after-filter is dirty, it is time to clean.
    4. Indicator light: This light indicates that the collection cells and ionizers have the correct high voltage. If this light starts to flicker or goes off, it is past time for maintenance.
  • What electrostatic brands do you service?

    With our Clean Air Switch program we have the ability to service 20+ brands. The most common brands are Smog Hog, Mistbuster, Trion, and Tri-Mist.

    What is your service area?

    We are located in Schaumburg, IL, and the majority of our customers are in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. However, we do offer long-distance service for customers out of our typical service area.

    Are you only an electrostatic service provider?

    No, while we have built our business focused on being an electrostatic service provider, we also provide the following services, Media Filtration Service, Electrostatic Air Cleaner sales/install, and ductwork installation. We have evolved to support our slogan. Breathe Better. Work Better. Live Better.