Electrostatic Air Cleaner Services and Parts in the Midwest

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  • Bee Clean Specialties, in operation for over 40 years, is your go-to resource for electrostatic air cleaners, services, and parts in the Midwest. Our team is comprised of well-trained technicians knowledgeable in cleaning, servicing, and repairing electrostatic air cleaners and filters. Tap into our decades of experience and unsurpassed customer service to restore or improve the air quality in your business, kitchen, or facility.


MistBusters® are quite popular in recent years because they are small and machine-mountable making rearranging your machines easier.

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Smog-Hog® is well known in the industry for their well-built design. They come in sizes from 300 to 40,000 cfm, machine mounted to central systems.

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Trion® offers electrostatic precipitators that filter oil mist and smoke out of the air, providing cleaner air with no filters to throw away.

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Media Filter

If you need any type of media filters including bag, box, HEPA, pleated, poly pad, ring, and specialty filters, we can supply and replace them.

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Long Distance

We service the Greater Chicago, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin areas. However, we provide support for repairs, cleaning, and equipment checks across the United States. If you have any questions about this service, feel free to contact us with your concerns, and we’ll be happy to address them.

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Service Request

Most service calls get responded to within one business day. We would love to help solve a problem you have with your industrial air cleaners, contact us today.

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Gun Manufacturer – Geneseo, IL

Facilities Manager

“You guys have been doing a great job! We appreciate that”

Cutting Tool Mfg. – Bensenville, IL

Machine Operator

“Our lungs thank you!”

Fastener Manufacturer – Frankfort, IN

Maintenance Supervisor

“Thanks for your service, we can already see a big difference in the air quality.”

Fastener Manufacturer – Aurora, IL


“We appreciate everything you do for us.”

Fastener Manufacturer – Frankfort, IN


“The operators on the floor are very happy with the work you perform on the smog hog. Thanks for a job well done.”

Medical Device Manufacturer – Elmhurst, IL

MRO Dept.

“Excellent service and a great team of techs! We don’t trust our systems to any others!”




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Tap into our years of experience and unsurpassed service to restore or improve the air quality in your business. We have expertise in working on over 20 brands of air cleaners and offer exchange programs for most.


We are an Air Quality Engineering Authorized Dealer. Some of the brands we serve are: Trion, Smog-Hog®, UAS, Air Quality Engineering, Aercology, Air Cleaning Systems, American Air Filter, Craig, Elbaron, Eltron, Honeywell, Micro Air, Murphy, Powrmatic, Tepco, TriDim Filter Corp, United Air Specialists, Torit and more.

About Us

We got our start back in 1977 by cleaning truck engines, screw machines, and just about anything else that was dirty and needed to be restored to excellent condition.

Shortly after that, we recognized our area of expertise, and we’ve since centered on providing professional electrostatic air cleaner services and parts throughout the Midwest (Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan). Our dedication to this cause earned us our current reputation as the industry leaders for all matters of service on electrostatic air cleaners, filters, and replacement parts.

  • Fully Trained Technicians
  • Over 40 Years in Business
  • Service Over 20 Brands
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